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Cook® Disposable Reuter Tip Deflecting Wire Guides

Product Information

Used for curving or deflecting catheter tips for pulmonary angiography, selective angiography, translumbar aortography, bronchography, repositioning of central venous catheter tips and other vascular and non-vascular applications.

  • Controlled deflection of the wire guide tip within the catheter lumen and strict imaging control facilitates catheter tip movement.
  • Distal tip of wire guide must never extend beyond distal catheter tip. Intimal damage may occur.
  • The use of a one-size-larger diameter tip deflecting wire guide will prevent wire guide tip from inadvertently exiting catheter tip during manipulation
  • Deflecting wires are 4.0 cm longer than matching catheter so that flush fitting PSFLL-FLL-MLL-90 may be used with assembly.

Supplied sterile in peel-open packages. Intended for one-time use.

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