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Cook® Cantata™ Superselective Microcatheter

Product Information

Access superselective anatomy with the right balance of trackability, softness and support.

Ease of access to target anatomy – Hydrophilic coating ensures smooth introduction and maintains manoeuvrability through multiple passes.

Support and trackability – Five transition zones, more than any other catheter, provide a distinct yet seamless transition from hub to tip.

Efficient and reliable deployment – Large inner diameter can accommodate embolic particles spheres or microcoils – including .018 inch embolisation coils.

Additional features:

  • Braided construction for superior control, trackability and kink resistance
  • Lipiodol/DMSO/alcohol compatibility allows a broad range of applications
  • Cantata 2.5 Fr has a flow rate of 1.6mL/sec at a pressure of 1,200 psi
  • Cantata 2.8 Fr has a flow rate of 3.5mL/sec at a pressure of 900 psi
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