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Zenith Thoracic

Product Information

About the Zenith TX2®

Flexor Introducer Sheath

Hydrophilic coating for smooth access.

Inner Metal Cannula

Offers column strength and over-the-wire trackability.

Radiopaque Band

Identifies precise location of sheath’s distal tip.

Circumferential Barbs

The only device with barbs on both the proximal and distal end of the device.

Migration Prevention

Circumferential barbs with radial fixation enable the graft to self-adjust to patient’s dynamic aortic movement.

Sound Lineage

TX2 uses the same durable construction as the Zenith platform for graft-to-vessel sealing.

About the Zenith® Dissection

The TX2 graft, combined with bare Z-stents down the true lumen, represents a more complete and holistic treatment for dissection.

Treating aortic AND branch vessel compromise (malperfusion): Instead of just deploying a sealing stent graft across the intimal entry tear, the combination of the two devices provides sealing, reinforcement, and branch vessel reperfusion. Important intercostal and mesenteric branches are protected.

Customised treatment: A variety of diameters and lengths of (TX2) sealing grafts provide for adequate closure of the entry tear while not covering any more of the aorta and visceral branches than necessary.

Precision Delivery: Signature Zenith trigger-wire control during deployment for both the TX2 Proximal Component and the bare Dissection Z-stents provides reliable, accurate device deployment in high thoracic aortic flow.

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