• Cook® Disposable Intraosseus Infusion Needle – Dieckmann Modification

    Standard and Stainless Steel Hub Design.

    Used as an alternative to intraosseus access during paediatric emergencies permitting infusion of drugs and fluids.

    • Two laterally exposed sideports positioned near the distal tip of the needle cannula ensure flow if needle tip is obstructed by posterior bone cortex
    • Stainless steel hub design provides additional stability
    • Refer to complete instructions for placement in product insert

    Supplied sterile in peel-open packages. Intended for one-time use.

  • Vyaire Medical Infusable® – Pressure Infusor

    • Patient-dedicated to minimise the spread of nosocomial infections via touch contamination
    • Large inflation bulb has rapid recovery for quick and easy inflation
    • Easy-to-use stopcock and bulb-to-tube fitted seal prevent leaks
    • High visibility patented gauge accurately indicated bladder pressure. Nylon netting makes loading easy and permits a clear view of fluid level.
  • Vyaire Medical Kurtis MSD™ Meconium Suction Device

    When seconds count and infant safety is paramount

    The Kurtis MSD, developed by a practicing neonatologist was specifically designed to meet the rigorous demands of the suctioning procedure – quickly safely, efficiently and at less cost than conventional means.

    It requires no set up time at all. It comes pre-assembled and instantly ready for use. It requires only one person to operate as a suction catheter and can double as an artificial airway for positive pressure.