Anaesthesia Delivery

  • Vyaire Medical Anaesthetic Circuits

    Vyaire Medical is renowned as a product innovator setting the standard for quality, reliability, safety and choice with its range of anaesthetic circuits.

    Vyaire Medical can custom make circuits to fit individual customers’ needs. All circuits are latex-free and checked to ensure high standards are met prior to leaving the factory.

    A full range of adult and paediatric dual limb circuits are offered as well as the unique and innovative single limb circuit known as the Limb-O.

    The circuit tubing can be either expandable or non-expandable and the breathing bag limb is blue as is required by the ANZ Anaesthetic Guidelines.


  • Vyaire Medical Face Masks

    The original clear air-filled cushion mask that has been in use for over 25 years.

    • Soft, pliable, air-filled cushion forms easily to the face to deliver a low-pressure seal
    • Patented dual inflation valve permits cushion adjustment with syringe or by mouth by simply squeezing the blue ring
    • Traditional and flexible styles are comfortable for all size hands
  • Vyaire Medical Limb-O™

    The Limb-O is a uni-limb circuit with a septum in the centre. The streamline design minimises the clutter of a two limb circle circuit. It can be used in both adults and paediatrics down to 4.5kg.

    It has three important benefits:

    • LIGHT WEIGHT – Less plastic means less weight and torque on the patient’s airway management device; Limb-O weighs 34% less than coaxial circle circuits and 25% less than traditional circle circuits.1
    • LOWER COMPLIANCE – The presence of a septum in Limb-O decreases compliance in the circuit to significantly increase delivered volume . . . without sacrificing drape.
    • THERMALLY EFFICIENT – Bench testing suggests the transfer of heat from the expiratory to the inspiratory limb of 6.2°C at 4L/min flow rates

    It also has the additional features available of internal or external CO² monitoring line.