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Zenith Flex®

Product Information

Suprarenal Fixation with Anchoring Barbs

Established suprarenal design with anchoring barbs is the benchmark for stability and graft-to-vessel attachment.

Flex Design

Increased gap length allows aortic section to conform to a tighter radius resulting in a 40-68% decrease in kink radius.

Radiopaque Band

Identifies precise location of sheath’s distal tip.

Flexor® Introducer Sheath

Kink-resistant technology with low-friction hydrophilic coating.

AQ® Hydrophilic Coating

Dramatically reduces friction to enhance deliverability, while Flexor’s large, low-friction PTFE-coated lumen facilitates device delivery.

Captor® Haemostatic Valve

Unique design inhibits blood reflux.

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