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Annual Cardiothoracic Surgery Meeting of Aotearoa New Zealand (formerly Tongariro Meeting)

2008 Dr Sean Galvin
2009 Dr Darren Hooks
2010 Dr Anna Timmings
2011 Dr Sean Galvin
2012 Dr Timothy Oh
2017 Dr Katherine Hulme
2018 Dr Navneet Singh
2019 Dr Ramanen Sugunesegran
2020 Meeting Cancelled due to Covid-19
2021 Dr Steve Waqanivavalagi
2022 No Meeting due to Covid-19
2023 Dr Ayesh Rathnayake
2024 Dr Francis Cheung

Christina Ackland Memorial Award

Tina Ackland worked for 40 years as a theatre nurse and in particular in the field of plastic surgery. Tina was a proactive member of both the Australian and New Zealand Burns Association (ANZBA) and the Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Research Foundation. Unfortunately Tina passed away in April 2012 and this award acknowledges her significant contribution to nursing in New Zealand

2012  Berice Beach

2013  Jean Koorey

2014  Leigh Anderson

2015  Kathryn Fraser

2016  Fiona Unac

2017  Emma Brooks

2018  Karen Hall

2019  Bettina Marenzi

2020  No Conference due to Covid-19

2021  Gillian Martin

2022  Johanna McCamish

Debbie Booth Obex Pest Paper - Perioperative Nurses

Debbie Booth was a Radiology nurse who was well respected and a founding member of the Radiology Nurses support organisation CRISP in the mid 1980’s. Tragically Debbie passed away not long after the CRISP Group was formed and this award acknowledges her significant contribution to nursing in New Zealand.

1987   Jane Besley
1988   Sandi Graham
1989   Andrea Hartnell
1990   Kay Wiggs
1991   Michelle Hanson
1992   Heather Smith
1993   Sue Price
1994   Rochelle Mellsop
1995   Susan Platt
1996   Rachelle Hodgson
1997   Shelley Berge
1998   Doryan Mahalm
1999   Marlene Gouge
2000   Catherine Hormati
2001   Kathy Smith
2002   Cassandra Barton
2003   Mary Talbot
2004   Kerry Chamberlain & Michelle Bates
2005   Claire Randall
2006   Daphne Durning
2007   Irene Gray
2008   Leanne Given
2009   Jennifer Sexton
2010   Shona Matthews
2012   Fiona Unac
2013   Kelly Burn
2014   Pip Francis
2015   Catherine Freebairn
2016   Shona Matthews
2017   Catherine Freebairn
2018   Andrea Walford
2019   Gillian Martin
20/21  No Conference
22/23  Bron Taylor

NZAGS Best Registrar Poster

2009 Ashish Lal

NZAGS Best Registrar Presentation

2009 Jennifer Liang

NZSG Best Nurses Presentation Award

2007 Sharon Syme
2009 Anne Cleland
2011  Lucy Mills
2022 Andrea Dixon

Obex Radiology Registrar Research Award

2008 Dr Helen Jo

2009 Dr Mary Liang

2010 Dr Jacquie Copland

2013 Dr Ju Lee Yeo

2016 Dr Greg Tarr

2017 Dr Assia Ghani

2018 Dr Oh

2019 Dr Greg Tarr

2021 Dr Hugh McHugh, Waitemata

2022 Dr Hugh McHugh, Auckland

2023 Dr Hugh McHugh, Auckland

Obex South Island Radiology Registrars Prize

2009 Dr Todd Moesbergen
2008 Dr Todd Moesbergen

Urology Nurses - NZUNS Best Paper Award

2009Julia Nelson2002Sonja Karon
2007Sue Osborne2001Cheryl Hennah
2006Carolynne Gill2000Trish White
2005Jean Bothwell1999Jean Bothwell
2004Sue Osborne1998Kate Kennett
2003Jacqueline Ryan1997Lois Curry

Vascular Society of Aotearoa New Zealand (VSAoNZ) Best Paper Award

2008 Dr Chris Day and Dr Manar Khashram
2009 Dr Helena Tsao
2010 Anna Kang
2011 YeeChen Lau
2012 Alistair Escott
2015 Manar Khashram
2016 Maximilian Olavi Joret
2017 Kate Thomas
2018 Lucy Hinton
2019 Sam Dickson
2020 Nicholas Hall
2021 Anantha Narayanan
2022 Odette Hart
Andy Kindon
2023 Cheyaanthan Haran
2024 Sinead Gormley

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