Cardiothoracic Surgery

  • Oscor® Physique® Retractable Active Fixation Lead

    The Physique lead represents Oscor’s next generation of small profile endocardial permanent pacing leads with extendable/retractable active-fixation helix. With a lead body size of only 4.8F and a lead tip size of 7F, the Physique lead is the smalles extendable/retractable bipolar pacing lead available today.

    Physique Active Fixation Lead Features

    • Straight and pre-formed J configurations available for ideal placement in the ventricle or atrium
    • Helix (1.5mm) allows for easy fixation of the screw in the myocardium
    • Hexafilar coil consists of two conductors connected to the anode and two conductors connected to the cathode
    • Each set of conductors are separated by a passive, non-electrically active filar for additional safety
    • Polyurethane outer insulation is highly reliable for long-term implantation while maintaining lead flexibility
    • The distal portion between the cathode and anode is highly flexible to help prevent perforation of the myocardium
    • Equipped with four side-view holes which are clearly visible under fluoroscopy when the screw is fully extended
  • Oscor® PY2 Extendable/Retractable Active Fixation Bipolar Pacing Leads

    The PY2 is an active fixation permanent pacing lead with Polaris coating. This series combines the unparalleled design and craftsmanship you’ve come to expect in Oscor’s endocardial pacing leads. The PY2 series symbolises the 6th generation of Oscor’s implantable bipolar extendable/retractable active fixation permanent pacing leads. This electrically active fixation lead can be implanted in either the atrium or ventricle using Oscor’s proprietary helix technology which allows for easy fixation in the myocardium. With a lead body of only 6.3F, its revolutionary design has the ability to pass through a 7F introducer.

  • Oscor® Refino Passive Fixation Bipolar Pacing Leads

    The Refino is the latest addition to Oscor’s passive fixation pacing lead family. Refino leads are some of the thinnest bipolar silicone or polyurethane pacing leads on the market today. The Refino series exemplifies the unsurpassed handling advantages, performance and reliability of Oscor’s next generation implantable cardiac pacing leads.

  • Oscor® SafeSheath® Ultra Lite Haemostatic Valve Peel Away Introducer System

    The SafeSheath Ultra Lite Haemostatic Valve Peel Away Introducer System incorporates a specially engineered valve membrane, providing reduced insertion forces during procedures.


    • Specially designed membrane allows effortess insertion and removal of ports and central venous catheters
    • Extruded score line peel away sheath for clean, even peeling during removal
    • Ergonomically designed, easy splitting breakaway hub
    • French size printed on handle and indicated by colour coded introducer cap
    • Positive locking dilator connector
    • Decreased risk of blood loss and air embolism
    • Standard 13cm length with a wide range of French sizes available
  • Oscor® Venos® Occlusion Balloon Catheter

    The Venos Occlusion Balloon Catheter is a latex-free, double lumen occlusion balloon catheter. It is intended for temporary occlusion of the coronary sinus during a venogram or infusion of contrast media or drug.

    Venos Occlusion Balloon Catheter features:

    • Soft latex-free balloon material featuring increased burst strength, even during multiple inflations
    • Available in 10mm and extra large 15mm balloon diameters
    • Atraumatic tapered catheter tip with soft balloon transition
    • Radiopaque shaft material with depth markings for easy positioning and visibility
    • Multi-lumen kink resistant catheter shaft design to increase pushability
    • Large balloon inflation lumen for rapid inflation and deflation
    • Available in several catheter shaft and guidewire lumen sizes
    • Clear and colour-coded indication of inflation and guidewire lumen
  • Péters Surgical Acier Sutures

    Stainless steel wire for sternal closure.

    Please follow the link below to view the brochure for Acier.



  • Péters Surgical Cardioflon® Sutures

    Teflon® coated polyester braid for ring placement.

    Please click the link below to view the brochure for Cardioflon.


  • Péters Surgical Cardionyl® Sutures

    Treated polyamide monofilament for mitral valve repair.

    Please click the link below to view the brochure for Cardionyl.

    Cardionyl Brochure.pdf

  • Péters Surgical Cardioxyl® Sutures

    Siliconised polyester braid for cardiac valves.

    Please click the link below to view the brochure for Cardioxyl.


  • Péters Surgical Premio® Sutures

    PVDF monofilament for cardiopaediatric and vascular surgery.

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  • Scanlan Aortic Punches

    Single-use aortic/vein punches. Available in two lengths: 14.5cm and 19cm with a variety of cutting sizes from 2.7mm to 6.0mm.

  • Scanlan Clamps

    • Micro Titanium Clamps
    • Baby Vascular
    • Medium Vascular
    • Large Vascular/Aortic
    • Haemostats

    Vascu-Statt® Single-Use Bulldog Clamps

    Lightweight, atraumatic alternative to metal bulldog clamps. Available in a range of sizes, straight or angled jaws with a wide variety of pre-set clamping pressures.