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First Neuro Flow Modulation Device case completed in Australasia

Obex Medical Vascular Interventional and Radiology (VIR) Team – first neuro Flow Modulation Device case with Phenox p64 MW HPC completed in Australasia

The Obex Medical VIR Team have been working with the Phenox range of neurovascular interventional radiology products for 3 years. The Phenox range includes products that treat both haemorrhagic and ischemic neurovascular disease.

The p64 MW HPC is a recently developed next generation Flow Modulation Device (FMD) within the haemorrhagic portfolio. It is used to treat arterial brain aneurysms by modifying the blood flow away from the aneurysm, thus shrinking the aneurysm and reducing the risk of rupture.

The p64 MW HPC is made of drawn filled tubing (Platinum core wire with nitinol outer tube) which ensures full visibility during deployment and better wall apposition to the blood vessel. In addition the FMD has a novel moveable wire which moves independently of the delivery system to stabilise deployment.  The p64 MW HPC also contains a state-of-the-art hydrophilic polymer coating (HPC) that mimics the glycocalyx natural lining of the blood vessel wall, thereby masking the device from platelets circulating in normal blood flow and reduces the risk of thrombus formation and device failure.

Dr Allan Thomas and Dr Daniel Oh (Interventional Neuroradiologists) at Waikato Hospital (Hamilton, NZ) completed the first flow modulation case with the p64 MW HPC in Australasia. Lonay Fawkner and Joanna Hayward from Obex Medical VIR Team supported Dr Thomas and his clinical Team with the case, and we also had Professor Henkes from Stuttgart, Germany providing remote proctoring.

The procedure was a success, and the patient will be followed up in 6 months to ensure the aneurysm no longer possess a threat. With the success of this case, Dr Thomas has indicated a commitment to evaluate both the p64 MW HPC and the smaller p48 MW HPC for other patients. We look forward to working with him and his Team over the coming months.

Obex Medical are excited to be partnered with Phenox to provide this innovative medical technology to New Zealand Clinicians to better improve patient outcomes in neurovascular disease.

Left to right: Joanna Hayward (Obex – Senior Product Manager), Dr Allan Thomas (Interventional Neuroradiologist), Briony Diffey (Registered Nurse), Grace Opena (Medical Imaging Technologist) and Lonay Fawkner (Obex – Senior Sales Consultant ).

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