Temperature Management

  • Vyaire Medical enFlow® IV Fluid/Blood Warming System

    The enFlow IV Fluid Warming System is a high performance system for the delivery of fluids or blood at a continuous 40°C from KVO to 200mL/minute. The warmer unit fits in the palm of your hand and is placed close to the patient allowing a very short distance (9 inches recommended) from the end of the warmer to the patient’s IV site. This helps prevent loss of heat while the IV fluid travels to the patient’s IV site. Competitive warmers heat the fluids at the IV pole and then travel approximately 6 feet to the patient’s IV site.

    • Heats to 40°C in as little as 4 seconds
    • Temperature displayed = temperature delivered; minimal heat loss due to short distance from warmer to patient
    • Warmer unit fits into the palm of your hand, controller unit mounts on an IV pole
    • Range of flows from KVO to 200mL/min
  • Vyaire Medical Vital Temp Monitoring Devices

    • A family of temperature monitoring options available from one source
    • Oesophageal scope with temperature – superior acoustic characteristics deliver enhanced heart and breath sounds while allowing core body temperature to be monitored.
    • Rectal/General purpose probe – designed for safe oesophageal, rectal or pharyngeal use.
    • Skin temperature probe – mylar backing protects the probe from cooling air currents, increasing placement options.
    • Dual channel temperature monitor – accepts either 400 or 700 series thermistor probes, permits monitoring of two sites simultaneously, permits ambient room temperature measurement and can function as an elapsed timer.
    • Liquid Crystal Display skin strip – accurately trends the patient’s skin temperature, displaying easy to read graphics in both Centigrade and Fahrenheit.