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StrataXRT® Wound Dressing

Product Information

The innovative wound dressing for radiation dermatitis.

StrataXRT® is an innovative, film-forming wound dressing. The formula of StrataXRT was specifically developed to prevent and treat radiation dermatitis. The StrataXRT gel can be spread easily which is why only a very small amount of product is required.

Symptom Relief

  • StrataXRT provides symptomatic relief from the acute inflammatory response, itching and discomfort. It also reduces redness and swelling


  • StrataXRT protects the compromised skin from microbial invasion and does not promote bacterial growth

From day one

  • StrataXRT can be applied from day one of radiation therapy

Flexible, full-contact

  • StrataXRT dries to form a thin and flexible protective film which remains in constant contact with the damaged skin

Dries rapidly

  • StrataXRT dries rapidly and is easy to apply

Reduced downtime

  • StrataXRT reduces downtime by creating an optimal environment for faster wound healing and re-epithelialization

No bolus effect

  • StrataXRT does not cause a bolus effect
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