• Sama® -Frottee Saves Time, Material and Money

    The universal padding and support material for plaster and synthetic casts.

    Natural fibre provides comfort and support, available in 10m rolls or cut, ready for use. Sama® -Frottee provides an exact fit. Minimum padding required at extremities and trunk with no compression effect. Sama® -Frottee can always be used without folding or creasing.

    Indication for use:

    • To protect fragile skin from skin tears especially in the elderly and hospice patients
    • To protect clothing against creams
    • For padding under braces and casts


    • Does not irritate the skin
    • Supple and pliant
    • Temperature compensating
    • Allows skin to breathe
    • Washable
    • Perfect to use under bandaging, especially for patients with lymphoedema

    Available in 10m rolls


    Small 15-25cm circumference
    Medium 35-55cm circumference
    Large 55-75cm circumference