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MRI Safety for Patients and Staff

MRI safety is of the utmost importance for both patients and staff. To ensure everyone is kept safe during an MRI scan, there are certain guidelines that should be followed. For patients, it is important to remove all metallic objects such as jewellery, hair clips, watches, hearing aids and electronics before entering the MRI room. It is also important to make sure the patient is wearing appropriate clothing with no metal components. For staff, it is important to follow the safety protocols for the MRI machine. Additionally, staff should ensure the patient is adequately prepared for the scan, and that all safety protocols are followed throughout the procedure.

Unlike other diagnostic technologies that use ionizing radiation, MRI is a safe procedure and helps health professionals diagnose a wide range of health conditions. However, an MRI scan can cause complications to patients and staff such as:
– Projectile effects
– Burning
– Twisting
– Artifacts
– Device malfunction

Ensuring patient and staff safety is essential to reduce issues and streamline the diagnostic procedure. See link to blog on MRI Safety co-authored by Alisa Gray and James Hayes.

Ferromagnetic Detector for Patient Screening – Obex

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