Obex Products

  • Vital Signs CPAP Systems

    • CPAP Mask – Air cushion mask moulds comfortably to the face; cushion seal can be inflated without a syringe. Two sizes fit a broad range of patients, each with an integrated manometer port to verify PEEP settings and integrated anti-asphyxia port for ultimate patient safety.
    • PEEP Valves – True threshold resistor valves are available in 2.5, 5, 7.5, 10, 12.5, 15 and 20cm H2O settings. Our PEEP valves hold pressure consistently independent of flow. Each PEEP valve comes with Vital Signs patented safety holes to protect the patient in the event of exhalation valve occlusion.
    • The Adjustable Downs Flow Generator delivers O2 from 33% to 100% at flow rates of up to 130 L/min.
  • Vital Signs Disposa-View™

    Designed for the prone positioned patient, Disposa-View is the only completely disposable head positioning device that allows you to visually check the patient’s eyes and the ET tube connection.

    • A latex-free single-use head positioning device for prone procedures
    • The soft, comfortable foam reduces the pressure around the patient’s eyes and face while supporting the head and neck
    • The mirror provides the clinician with a clear view of the face, eyes and endotracheal tube for easy monitoring
    • The slotted design allows for the endotracheal tube to be positioned on either side of the patient’s face
  • Vital Signs enFlow® IV Fluid/Blood Warming System

    The enFlow IV Fluid Warming System is a high performance system for the delivery of fluids or blood at a continuous 40°C from KVO to 200mL/minute. The warmer unit fits in the palm of your hand and is placed close to the patient allowing a very short distance (9 inches recommended) from the end of the warmer to the patient’s IV site. This helps prevent loss of heat while the IV fluid travels to the patient’s IV site. Competitive warmers heat the fluids at the IV pole and then travel approximately 6 feet to the patient’s IV site.

    • Heats to 40°C in as little as 4 seconds
    • Temperature displayed = temperature delivered; minimal heat loss due to short distance from warmer to patient
    • Warmer unit fits into the palm of your hand, controller unit mounts on an IV pole
    • Range of flows from KVO to 200mL/min
  • Vital Signs Face Masks

    The original clear air-filled cushion mask that has been in use for over 25 years.

    • Soft, pliable, air-filled cushion forms easily to the face to deliver a low-pressure seal
    • Patented dual inflation valve permits cushion adjustment with syringe or by mouth by simply squeezing the blue ring
    • Traditional and flexible styles are comfortable for all size hands
  • Vital Signs Greenlight II™ Laryngoscope/Single Use Metal and Plastic Blades

    The new ISO green standard LED handle design provides the brightest laryngoscope light source on the market today. The handle comes with a 5 year limited warranty and you never have to replace any bulbs.

    The system has 7 sizes of single patient use MAC and Miller blades available and the green standard design allows the handle to be used with any green standard blades on the market.

  • Vital Signs Infusable® – Pressure Infusor

    • Patient-dedicated to minimise the spread of nosocomial infections via touch contamination
    • Large inflation bulb has rapid recovery for quick and easy inflation
    • Easy-to-use stopcock and bulb-to-tube fitted seal prevent leaks
    • High visibility patented gauge accurately indicated bladder pressure. Nylon netting makes loading easy and permits a clear view of fluid level.
  • Vital Signs Kurtis MSD™ Meconium Suction Device

    When seconds count and infant safety is paramount

    The Kurtis MSD, developed by a practicing neonatologist was specifically designed to meet the rigorous demands of the suctioning procedure – quickly safely, efficiently and at less cost than conventional means.

    It requires no set up time at all. It comes pre-assembled and instantly ready for use. It requires only one person to operate as a suction catheter and can double as an artificial airway for positive pressure.

  • Vital Signs Light Wand™ Illuminating Stylet

    • Exceptionally bright light provides excellent verification of positioning even during difficult intubations
    • The surface temperature of the ET tube will not rise above 42°C
    • Lightweight for portability and storage
    • Flexible lighted stylet for use with or without a laryngoscope
    • No batteries to replace – light will function continuously for approximately three hours before being discarded
  • Vital Signs Limb-O™

    The Limb-O is a uni-limb circuit with a septum in the centre. The streamline design minimises the clutter of a two limb circle circuit. It can be used in both adults and paediatrics down to 4.5kg.

    It has three important benefits:

    • LIGHT WEIGHT – Less plastic means less weight and torque on the patient’s airway management device; Limb-O weighs 34% less than coaxial circle circuits and 25% less than traditional circle circuits.1
    • LOWER COMPLIANCE – The presence of a septum in Limb-O decreases compliance in the circuit to significantly increase delivered volume . . . without sacrificing drape.
    • THERMALLY EFFICIENT – Bench testing suggests the transfer of heat from the expiratory to the inspiratory limb of 6.2°C at 4L/min flow rates

    It also has the additional features available of internal or external CO² monitoring line.

  • Vital Signs Pi’s Pillow™

    Pi’s Pillow creates the ideal patient position for intubation.


    Pi’s Pillow is designed as a two-piece system, consisting of a removable cushion (on top) and a base (on bottom) that is very comfortable for the patient prior to induction.


    The design of the pillow calls for the slope side of the pillow to be beneath the patient’s shoulders and upper back, that is, the upper edge of the base should be under the atlanto-occipital joint.

    As soon as the patient loses consciousness the top cushion is removed or it is moved down according to the desired degree of head and neck extension. This stabilises the patient’s head and places the neck in the sniffing position to facilitate intubation, ventilation or insertion of a laryngeal mask.


    The pillow is latex-free and made of a high grade polyurethane foam. Each pillow comes vacuum packed for ease of storage.


    Available in Extra Large, Long; Extra Large, Short; and Large.

  • Vital Signs Respirgard II™ Medication Nebuliser

    • One-way flow valves and expiratory filter ensure caregiver protection
    • Optimal particle size for proper deposition
  • Vital Signs Vital Temp Monitoring Devices

    • A family of temperature monitoring options available from one source
    • Oesophageal scope with temperature – superior acoustic characteristics deliver enhanced heart and breath sounds while allowing core body temperature to be monitored.
    • Rectal/General purpose probe – designed for safe oesophageal, rectal or pharyngeal use.
    • Skin temperature probe – mylar backing protects the probe from cooling air currents, increasing placement options.
    • Dual channel temperature monitor – accepts either 400 or 700 series thermistor probes, permits monitoring of two sites simultaneously, permits ambient room temperature measurement and can function as an elapsed timer.
    • Liquid Crystal Display skin strip – accurately trends the patient’s skin temperature, displaying easy to read graphics in both Centigrade and Fahrenheit.