Aortic Intervention

  • Zenith® Branch

    More Options

    For patients with aortoiliac or iliac aneurysms and insufficient sealing sites within the common iliac artery.

    Unique Sidebranch

    Allows blood flow to internal iliac, reducing the potential for ischemic sequelae.

    H&L-B One-Shot Introduction System

    Allows adjustment of the graft position before complete deployment.

    Pre-Loaded Catheter

    Facilitates internal iliac cannulation.

    Independent Z-stent Design

    Provides graft flexibility and columnar strength.

    Woven Polyester

    Strong, lightweight, shrink-resistant material has been used historically to treat AAAs.

  • Zenith® Fenestrated

    Custom Fenestrations

    Allow placement above the renal arteries without interrupting renal blood flow.

    Diameter Reducing Ties

    Decrease graft diameter to facilitate visceral vessel cannulation.

    Precise Placement

    Each fenestration is equipped with radiopaque markers.

    Wide Patient Range

    Treatment options for patients with proximal infrarenal necks ranging from 4 mm to 15 mm in length and from 19 mm to 31 mm in diameter.

    Custom Tailored

    Each graft accommodates up to three fenestrations to fit patient’s unique vasculature.

    Radiopaque Markers

    Allow precise placement of each fenestration.