• Oscor® Angios® Classic Diagnostic Angiography Catheter

    This angiography catheter features a proprietary HD braid reinforced shaft offering maximum pushability while retaining excellent curve stability, maximum flow rate during contrast injection, and an ultra soft radiopaque catheter tip to minimise vessel trauma. Angios diagnostic catheters are available in a variety of curve, size and length configurations.

  • Oscor® Venos® Occlusion Balloon Catheter

    The Venos Occlusion Balloon Catheter is a latex-free, double lumen occlusion balloon catheter. It is intended for temporary occlusion of the coronary sinus during a venogram or infusion of contrast media or drug.

    Venos Occlusion Balloon Catheter features:

    • Soft latex-free balloon material featuring increased burst strength, even during multiple inflations
    • Available in 10mm and extra large 15mm balloon diameters
    • Atraumatic tapered catheter tip with soft balloon transition
    • Radiopaque shaft material with depth markings for easy positioning and visibility
    • Multi-lumen kink resistant catheter shaft design to increase pushability
    • Large balloon inflation lumen for rapid inflation and deflation
    • Available in several catheter shaft and guidewire lumen sizes
    • Clear and colour-coded indication of inflation and guidewire lumen