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Cook® BIGopsy® Backloading Biopsy Forceps

Product Information

The BIGopsy Backloading Biopsy Forceps are specifically designed to obtain larger sample sizes for pathological evaluation of tumours within the renal pelvis. BIGopsy may also be used for retrieval of specimens or foreign objects from the urinary tract. The device’s 4 mm³ cup size provides a sample larger than any device on the market. BIGopsy’s sample size is large enough to achieve an accurate diagnosis without costly repeated procedures.

Because of BIGopsy’s superior cup size, the device has been designed to be backloaded through the working channel of a ureteroscope before being used in the patient. Once BIGopsy has been backloaded, the removable, replaceable handle is assembled, and the device is ready for operation.

Note: This device should be used with a Flexor® Ureteral Access Sheath

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