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Cook® Flexor® Check Flo® Introducer Sets – Micropuncture® Radial Artery Access

Product Information

Used to introduce balloon, diagnostic and guiding catheters or other devices.

  • Uniquely fabricated sheath design provides maximum flexibility without kinking or compression
  • Initial access is gained using a 21 gauge entry needle
  • The 0.018 inch nitinol wire guide with platinum tip is advanced through the needle and the needle removed.
  • The introducer sheath dilator incorporates a van Andel taper to facilitate placement into the vessel.
  • The Check-Flo haemostasis valve accepts a broad range of sizes while preventing blood reflux and air aspiration
  • The outer surface of the introducer and the distal tip of the inner dilator are coated with AQ® hydrophilic coating.
  • The coating, when wet, provides an extremely low coefficient of friction, easing introduction into the vascular system.

Supplied sterile in peel-open packages. Intended for one-time use.

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