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CT Motion Syringeless Contrast Injector

Product Information

The Ulrich syringeless power injector is the gold standard in multi-patient power injector technology. Providing advances in hygiene, safety and efficiency, the systems only need to be prepared once a day and is then ready for use for 24 hours. The Ulrich contrast injectors takes Multi-use / Multi-patient contrast media technology to a whole new level of safety. 

  • Due to the two-part tubing system, only the patient tubing needs to be changed for each patient – the pump tubing can remain in place in the injector for 24 hours for as many contrast injections as desired. With both the CT Motion and the MRI Max3, a patient changeover takes only a few seconds.  
  • Contrast media bottles up to 500mL for the CT Motion and up to 200ml for the MRI Max3 and saline bags are spiked directly onto the system, reducing wastage, and increasing contrast efficiency. Seamless switching between 2 contrast media bottles ensures all contrast in the bottle is utilised. 
  • Wireless operation through battery and Bluetooth connectivity removes the need for messy cables. 
  • Can have on a pedestal or ceiling mounted.


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