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eCutout™ Radiation Shields

Product Information

Utilising advanced design and CNC capabilities, 3D One has developed streamlined processes that create a precise, customised shield that allows Healthcare Professionals to deliver accurately contoured electron radiation therapy whilst minimising exposure to healthy tissue.

Tungsten Carbide has equivalent electron shielding performance to lead, but is non-toxic and able to be physically handled, as well as being reclaimable. The 3D One eCutout™ is a vendor-specific (Elekta or Varian) electron therapy shield, consisting of a 3D printed plastic frame filled with a proprietary Tungsten Carbide composite, incorporating a high precision water-jet cut aperture.

3D One provides on-demand custom-designed eCutouts™, efficiently and rapidly via its online orders portal, where clinical centres can upload patient-specific treatment aperture profiles, as well as optionally use of the purposely designed GUI for offset, labelling and orientating purposes.

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