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KLS Martin marSeal5 Plus Maryland

Product Information

Multi functionality meets re-usability and cost-efficiency.

Outstanding preparation and sealing performance are the hallmarks of the NEW reusable marSeal5 plus Maryland instrument. Consistently designed for the needs of users. The instrument allows, in addition to the sealing with subsequent tissue separation, finest preparations with minimal lateral thermal expansion. The associated current form of the HF generator maXium® measures the tissue resistance continuously and gives the user feedback as soon as the sealing process is completed. The instrument has a Plug & Play connector (IQ). The instrument is automatically recognized by the HF generator maXium® when plugged in.

Depending on the procedure, the marSeal5 plus Maryland is available with different working lengths.

  • 37 cm for laparoscopic standard procedures
  • 45 cm for obese patients*
  • 20 cm for open interventions*

The marSeal5 plus Maryland offers a variety of uses.

*These lengths of the Maryland jaw will be available September 2019 

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