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Pall Lipipor™ NLF Filter for Parenteral Nutrition

Product Information


  • 1.2 µm polyethersulfone membrane
  • Filtration of nutrient lipid containing solutions
  • Retention of particles, microorganisms and oversized lipid droplets
  • For paediatric and neonatal care


The Lipipor NLF offers patient protection against:

  • Particles – protecting the circulatory system against the undesirable systemic effects of particulate contamination in intravenous therapy and parenteral nutrition
  • Air – preventing air embolism
  • Enlarged lipid droplets – significantly reducing the number of enlarged droplets in emulsions and having at the same time an improved tolerance to enlarged droplet challenges
  • Microorganisms – reducing the risk of infection due to inadvertently contaminated infusates, particularly with fungi of clinical importance
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