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Pall Lipipor™ TNA2E Filter for Parenteral Nutrition

Product Information

The Pall Lipipor TNA2E is a self-priming, air eliminating filter with 1.2 µm low protein binding Supor membrane and non-phthalate fluid pathway. It is indicated for the removal of inadvertent particulate debris, enlarged lipid droplets, fungal contaminants and entrained air that may be found in parenteral nutrition containing lipid.


  • Gravity prime and easy to use – the TNA2E filter minimises nursing time and reduces set manipulation
  • Gravity flow – can be used in applications that do not need an infusion pump
  • Low protein binding – the TNA2E filter membrane has been demonstrated to have low protein binding
  • Slim smooth housing design – is easy for patients and easy to tape in place
  • Membrane compatibility – the TNA2E filter membrane does not adversely affect lipid size distribution
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