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AirLife Air-Qsp3G Self Pressurised Laryngeal Mask Airway

Product Information

  • The self-pressuring cuff utilizes the positive pressure ventilatory source and automatically inflates to patient-specific, optimized pressure to form a seal.
  • Available in eight sizes from neonate, to paediatric and adults.
  • Anatomically curved, medical grade silicone airway tube with integrated bite block, which allows the Air-Q3G to sit in a comfortable neutral position when inserted.
  • Soft medical grade silicone cuff with built-up mask heel. This deep bowl improves mask placement and seal and provides less risk of airway dislodgement.
  • A unique and patented epiglottis elevator that lifts the epiglottis and opens the airway for maximum access and a guide ramp helps to facilitate intubation and direct the endotracheal tube or scope toward the laryngeal inlet.
  • The Air-Q3G gastric airway has an extra-large gastric access at the end of the cuff and a channel on each side of the tube which enables gastric access and can accommodate Nasal Gastric tubes of up to 18Fr.
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