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Product Information

Stabilising wrist orthosis

Indications for use:

  • Radius fractures following osteosynthesis
  • Arthrosis of the wrist (with no indication for surgery)
  • After severe sprains Tendovaginitis with or without symptoms of Carpal Tunnel syndrome
  • Stress arthropathies

SUPROhand advantages at a glance

  • Partial immobilisation of the wrist
  • Can be adjusted quick and easy depending on the degree of swelling
  • Circular stabilisation bandage allows optimally adjustment
  • Skin-friendly material for better hygiene and comfort
  • 2 sizes only and able to be used for the left and right hand by turning the palmar reinforcement splint (saves storage space)
  • Adjustable volar and dorsal reinforcement splint for the inner side of the hand enable optimally adjustment to the anatomy of the hand
Sizes: Small Large
Circumferenceof wrist up to 17cm from 17cm
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