Cardiothoracic Surgery

  • Synovis Peri-Guard® Repair Patch

    Peri-Guard® is designed to be a durable biological patching solution for pericardial and soft tissue repairs. Through two decades of use and 100,000 products, its performance has been proven for cardiac and thoracic repair and reconstruction.

  • Synovis Peri-Strips Dry®

    Peri-Strips Dry® Staple Line Reinforcement for thoracic surgery is the strong choice for controlling bleeding and leaks at the staple line.

  • Vascular Graft Solutions The VEST™

    VEST™:  Creating a Hybrid Bypass Conduit

    VEST is a novel external scaffold for SVG which creates a hybrid conduit that combines the benefits of both arterial and venous grafts.
    The VEST targets the underlying mechanisms of vein graft’s intimal hyperplasia and failure by alleviating the vein graft’s wall tension and improving its lumen uniformity and flow pattern.
  • Vascutek Gelweave™

    Gelweave™ is a zero porosity, woven polyester graft primarily indicated for cardiothoracic and thoracoabdominal applications.