Cardiothoracic Surgery

  • Péters Surgical Premio® Sutures

    PVDF monofilament for cardiopaediatric and vascular surgery.

    Please click the link below to view the brochure for Premio.


  • Scanlan Aortic Punches

    Single-use aortic/vein punches. Available in two lengths: 14.5cm and 19cm with a variety of cutting sizes from 2.7mm to 6.0mm.

  • Scanlan Clamps

    • Micro Titanium Clamps
    • Baby Vascular
    • Medium Vascular
    • Large Vascular/Aortic
    • Haemostats

    Vascu-Statt® Single-Use Bulldog Clamps

    Lightweight, atraumatic alternative to metal bulldog clamps. Available in a range of sizes, straight or angled jaws with a wide variety of pre-set clamping pressures.

  • Scanlan Surg-I-Loop®

    Surg-I-Loop Silicone Loops are designed to aid the surgeon in complicated surgical fields by providing retraction, occlusion and identification of arteries, veins, nerves and ureters. They are designed with an oval cross section to permit maximum surface-to-surface ratios minimising the trauma to vessels.

  • Scanlan Tip-Guard

    Ensuring Safe, cost-effective protection of blade tips and edges for all surgical instrumentation.

    • Economical, provides long-term use and is cost effective
    • Superior protection, safeguards delicate tips and edges of surgical instrumentation
    • Tested safe – clinically tested for steam, flash and E.T.O sterilisation (sterility report available upon request)
    • Versatile, conforms to various shapes and angles
    • Design variety, available in coloured, tinted, clear and vented
    • Radiopaque
    • Latex safe
  • Scanlan® MEMORY Nitinol Dilators

    Scanlan has continued its tradition of innovation with the development of the Scanlan® MEMORY Nitinol Dilators.  These new innovative instruments have the following benefits:

    • Cost effectiveness – The nitinol shafts of the MEMORY dilators allow bending and manipulation without potential risk of damage to the shaft.
    • Ease of use – The nitinol shafts of the MEMORY dilators returns to their original shape when exposed to high temperatures; eliminating the frustration of traditional metal dilators
    • Crimp resistant – The nitinol shafts of the MEMORY dilators will bend and curve without crimping
    • Long lasting – Made with the highest grade stainless steel and nitinol
    • Highly polished dilator tip – Allows for ease of use and reduced trauma
    • Pyramid-style knurled handle – Allows surgeon to experience Scan;an’s unique tactile reaponse
    • 27 Designs with the following options: 2 different lengths, 2 different tip sizes, 15 different tip sizes
    • Warranty – Backed by the Scanlan 10-year warranty against manufacturing and material defect.
  • Synovis Peri-Guard® Repair Patch

    Peri-Guard® is designed to be a durable biological patching solution for pericardial and soft tissue repairs. Through two decades of use and 100,000 products, its performance has been proven for cardiac and thoracic repair and reconstruction.

  • Synovis Peri-Strips Dry®

    Peri-Strips Dry® Staple Line Reinforcement for thoracic surgery is the strong choice for controlling bleeding and leaks at the staple line.

  • Vascular Graft Solutions The VEST™

    VEST™:  Creating a Hybrid Bypass Conduit

    VEST is a novel external scaffold for SVG which creates a hybrid conduit that combines the benefits of both arterial and venous grafts.
    The VEST targets the underlying mechanisms of vein graft’s intimal hyperplasia and failure by alleviating the vein graft’s wall tension and improving its lumen uniformity and flow pattern.
  • Vascutek Gelweave™

    Gelweave™ is a zero porosity, woven polyester graft primarily indicated for cardiothoracic and thoracoabdominal applications.