Cardiothoracic Surgery

  • Genesee Premature, Neonate and Paediatric Hinged Sternal Retractor

    • The Genesee Premature, Neonate and Paediatric Hinged Retractors are a unique, high quality instruments for use on premature infants for congenital repairs.
    • The attached hinged blades allow the rack to rotate from the abdomen to the neck, providing unrestricted exposure.
    • Low profile provides excellent visualisation.
  • Genesee Reusable LocNess® Rakes


    • Small Atrial and Aortic Rake
    • Medium Atrial and Aortic Rake
    • Large Left Atrial Aortic Rake
    • Wide Atrial and Aortic Rake
    • Long Atrial and Aortic Rake
  • Genesee Shaw Shod™ Suture Guards

    Bridged to Protect

    Unique guard designed to protect and prevent sutures from catching in clamps or scissors.

    Patented design – unique bridge spans boots to prevent suture entanglement

    • Radiopaque
    • Latex-Free

    Quick and Easy to Load

    • No need to line up suture before use
  • Genesee Tenderfoot® Epicardial Suction Cup Stabiliser Feet

    • Small, vertical right mount, non-occlusive
    • Small, vertical left mount, non-occlusive
    • Medium, vertical right mount, non-occlusive
    • Medium, vertical left mount, non-occlusive
  • Oscor® Adelante® Advanced Peel Away Introducer System

    The Adelante Peel Away Introducer System is one of the most advanced introducers available for placement of permanent pacing leads and catheters. It offers exceptional insertion, smooth lead movement, high kink resistance and exceptional peeling performance even in complex conditions.


    • Clear numeric print of French sized
    • Ergonomically designed handles
    • Colour coding of dilator lock and hub to prevent mismatches
    • Enhanced hub break force
    • Consistent peel through twin channel sheath design
    • Smooth dilator/sheath transition
    • Smooth guidewire/dilator transition
    • Coated sheath for superior lead passage
    • Dilator tip indicator
    • Compatible guidewire 0.035″/0.89mm
  • Oscor® Adelante® Breezeway® Guiding Sheath with Haemostatic Valve

    The Adelante Breezeway Guiding Sheath with Haemostatic Valve is intended for the percutaneous introduction of various types of cardiovascular catheters to all heart chambers, including transseptal puncture. The Adelante Breezeway is available in several size, length and curve configurations.


    • Reliable haemostatic seal to prevent blood loss and air embolism
    • High performance tapered dilator enhances entry and improved tissue crossing
    • Coated shaft for easy catheter placement
    • Proprietary braided shaft ensures consistent torque and kink resistance
    • Soft atraumatic sheath tip with radiopaque marker band for easy positioning under fluoroscopy
    • Sideport holes on distal end for easy catheter aspiration and flushing
    • Compatible guidewire 0.035″/0.89mm
  • Oscor® Adelante® Radial Introducer with Haemostatic Valve

    The Adelante Radial is the next generation in transradial access sheath introducers, featuring the latest haemostatic valve technology, for minimal blood loss during diagnostic angiography or percutaneous coronary intervention. Hydrophilic kink-resistant coated sheath for easier insertion and removal of device. Provides excellent elongated tapered dilator tip for optimal vessel access.

  • Oscor® Adelante® Sigma Introducer Set with Haemostatic Valve

    The Adelante Sigma is the next generation in vascular access sheath introducers, featuring the latest haemostatic valve technology, for small to large devices.


    • Ergonomically designed hub
    • Reliable haemostatic seal to prevent blood loss and air embolism
    • Easy French size identification with colour coded hub abd 3-way stopcock
    • Kink resistant and flexible hydrophilic coated sheath for smooth insertion
    • Atraumatic tip of dilator provides smooth transition between dilator and sheath during insertion
    • Snap-fit dilator with French size indicator
    • Dilator with curve memory effect for easy sheath placement
    • Excellent visibility under fluoroscopy
    • Complete haemostasis during insertion and withdrawal of devices
    • Compatible guidewire 0.035″/0.89mm
  • Oscor® Angios® Classic Diagnostic Angiography Catheter

    This angiography catheter features a proprietary HD braid reinforced shaft offering maximum pushability while retaining excellent curve stability, maximum flow rate during contrast injection, and an ultra soft radiopaque catheter tip to minimise vessel trauma. Angios diagnostic catheters are available in a variety of curve, size and length configurations.

  • Oscor® Destino™ Steerable Guiding Sheath

    The Oscor® Destino™ is a next generation bi-directional steerable guiding sheath for the introduction and placement of diagnostic and therapeutic devices into the human vasculature, including but not limited to intracardiac, transseptal and other placements.

    Featuring a next generation hemostatic valve and braided FlexSteer® Shaft Technology, the Destino™ is the only available steerable sheath in a size range of 8.5, 10 F and 12 F with true bi-directional tip deflections of 180º.
  • Oscor® MP Epicardial Suture-On Pacing Leads

    Implantable epicardial pacing lead for permanent stimulation of the myocardium. The MP lead series can only be used during open heart surgery and is available in unipolar or bipolar versions. The specially designed curved thoracic needle allows for the easiest possible epicardial lead placement. The silicone butterfly flanges located on each distal lead tip may be sutured on epicardially to prevent dislodgement.

  • Oscor® Petite™ Fixation Bipolar Pacing Lead

    The Petite lead represents Oscor’s latest generation of permanent implantable cardiac pacing leads. The revolutionary design og the Petite lead enables a minimal lead body diameter while maintaining maximum reliability. Available in both straight and pre-formed J configurations, Petite leads are ideal for either ventricular or atrial placement. With a lead body diameter of 4.8F and the ability to pass through a 7F introducer, the Petite lead is one of the thinnest bipolar endocardial pacing leads available today. The uniquely designed fixation tines allow for safe and easy fixation of the lead and maximise stability in the heart.