General, Colorectal and Upper GI Surgery

  • INSORB® Absorbable Skin Stapler

    The rapid, patient-centric skin closure solution.

    Features of INSORB® Skin Stapler:

      • Rapid, simple closure
      • May reduce operative time vs. subcuticular sutures1
      • Eliminates percutaneous insult
      • Improved comfort & cosmesis
      • May result in less pain immediately post-op in c-sections2
      • No percutaneous metal staple removal
      • No suture knots
      • Evidence of reduced wound complications vs. metal staples in c-sections3
      • Eliminates risk of needlestick injuries at the time of closure4

    ¹Madsen, Annetta Madeline, et al. Absorbable Subcuticular Staples Compared with Suture for Cesarean Closure. Obstet Gynecol. 2015; vol. 125
    ²Nitsche, Joshua, et al. Skin Closure with Subcuticular Absorbable Staples after Cesarean Section Is Associated with Decreased Analgesic Use. Archives of Gynecology and Obstetrics, 2011; vol. 285, no. 4, pp. 979–983.
    ³Schrufer-Poland, T. L., Ruiz, M. P., Kassar, S., Tomassian, C., Algren, S. D., & Yeast, J. D. (2016). Incidence of wound complications in cesarean deliveries following closure with absorbable subcuticular staples versus conventional skin closure techniques. European Journal of Obstetrics & Gynecology and Reproductive Biology, 206, 53-56. doi:10.1016/j.ejogrb.2016.07.501
    4The International Healthcare Worker Safety Center (University of Virginia Health System 2010

  • KLS Martin – marSeal5® Plus Sealing Instruments

    marSeal5® plus – A new dimension in intelligent vessel sealing.

    The marSeal5® plus rings in the new generation of bipolar sealing instruments from KLS Martin.  It has been systematically refined and tailored to meet the needs of users in terms of ergonomics and the ease with which it can be taken apart and cleaned – yes, the hand piece is reusable.

    The corresponding current – SealSafe® IQ is supplied by the high frequency generator maxium.  Together, they form a bipolar sealing system that converts endogenous structural proteins like collagen and elastin in such a way that veins, arteries and tissue bundles are permanently and reliably sealed.  By optimising the sealing process, sealing time is up to 25% faster.  The marSeal5® plus system features an integrated blade (singlue use) that is used to cut through tissue in the centre of the sealing area immediately after sealing.  All this without changing the instrument.

  • KLS Martin – maXium® Electrosurgery Generator

    maXium® – the unit for all applications offering a wide range of precisely regulated currents, enabling you to choose between a great number of applications, such as monopolar and bipolar cutting and coagulation.  Besides the standard current types PureCut and BlendCut, you have additional applicationspecific currents at your disposal.

    • Easy handling – perfect result
    • Plug and Play with IQ
    • Maxi-display – maximum sight
    • Always the appropriate current type at hand
    • Perfect cutting results
    • Preselection of medical discipline
  • KLS Martin marSeal5 Plus Maryland

    Multi functionality meets re-usability and cost-efficiency.

    Outstanding preparation and sealing performance are the hallmarks of the NEW reusable marSeal5 plus Maryland instrument. Consistently designed for the needs of users. The instrument allows, in addition to the sealing with subsequent tissue separation, finest preparations with minimal lateral thermal expansion. The associated current form of the HF generator maXium® measures the tissue resistance continuously and gives the user feedback as soon as the sealing process is completed. The instrument has a Plug & Play connector (IQ). The instrument is automatically recognized by the HF generator maXium® when plugged in.

    Depending on the procedure, the marSeal5 plus Maryland is available with different working lengths.

    • 37 cm for laparoscopic standard procedures
    • 45 cm for obese patients*
    • 20 cm for open interventions*

    The marSeal5 plus Maryland offers a variety of uses.

    *These lengths of the Maryland jaw will be available September 2019 

  • Lone Star Retractor System

    Reusable and Disposable Retractors

    Including the new Anterior/Posterior/Sling Retractor designed to meet the evolving needs of vaginal surgery.

    Effective – dramatically increases visibility when used in conjunction with Lone Star elastic stays.

    Flexible – articulating shapes adapt to any region of the anatomy.

    Organised – slotted ring retains elastic stay hooks in an orderly fashion and minimises surgery site clutter.

    A wide variety of elastic stays

    Effective – dramatically increases visibility when used with Lone Star retractor rings.

    Reliable – durable, sinlge-use elastic stays maintain tension tirelessly.

    Versatile – a wide variety of shapes and features allow customisation to specific surgery needs.

  • Matrix Surgical Drop Control Device

    Disposable device consisting of 2.5ml syringe with luer connection which is connected to a catheter with a bevelled needle. This allows application of Glubran®2 Surgical Glue drop by drop during open surgery.  The capillary section lumen catheter allows control of the application to lay Glubran®2 Surgical Glue in a thin layer in laparoscopic surgery, whenever it is necessary to get haemostasis, adhesion, sealing and to strengthen sutures.

  • Matrix Surgical Flexible Small Spray Device


    This system allows application of Glubran®2 Surgical Glue as a spray in surgical laparotomic, laparoscopic and thoracoscopic procedures.

    A disposable device with packaging in a double sterile pack, with a gas autonomous propulsion system.  The use of the  Small Spray Device for Glubran®2 Surgical Glue is indicated to obtain haemostatic action even on small surfaces, whenever it is necessary to achieve aerostasis, to seal and strengthen suture lines and to apply the product in hidden and hard to reach areas.

  • Matrix Surgical Flexible Spray Device

    Flexible Spray Device

    This system allows application of Glubran®2 Surgical Glue as a spray in surgical laparotomic, laparoscopic and thoracoscopic procedures.  A disposable device with packaging in a double sterile pack with a gas autonomous propulsion system.  The use of Flexible Spray Device for Glubran®2 Surgical Glue is indicated to obtain haemostatic action on large surfaces, whenever it is necessary to achieve aerostasis and more generally, to seal and strengthen suture lines.

  • Matrix Surgical Glubran® 2

    Glubran®2 is a synthetic surgical glue, CE certificated for internal and external use, with haemostatic, adhesive, sealer and bacteriostatic properties.  When used in a moist environment, it quickly polymerizes into a thin elastic film which has high tensile strength and firmly adheres to the anatomy of the tissue on which it is applied.  Once ploymerized, Glubran®2 acts as a bioinert material.

  • Pall LaparoShield Laparoscopic Smoke Filtration System

    The Risks of Surgical Smoke

    • Surgical smoke is generated from the burning of proteins and lipids in tissue by laser and electrocautery equipment.
    • Surgical smoke contains potentially hazardous chemicals, particles, viable cells and viruses.

    The Pall LaparoShield allows safe and rapid evacuation of smoke throughout the surgical procedure.

  • Surgical Specialities ON-Q® Introducer Needle

    Blunt tip for deeper blind access.

  • Surgical Specialities ON-Q® Pain Relief Pump System

    Elastomeric ON-Q® Painbuster pumps.  Non-narcotic pain relief that’s all about better outcomes and satisfied patients.

    Optimised Surgical Care:

    • Quicker return to normal body functions and full range of motion
    • Constant pain relief so pain doesn’t “break-through” as it sometimes does with opioids
    • Descreased complications associated with opioids
    • May reduce length-of-stay (LOS) and lower cost per discharge

    Added optional features include:

    • Select-A-Flow®
  • Surgical Specialities ON-Q® Soaker & SilverSoaker Catheters

    Patented design provides for an even distribution of local aesthetic for optimal post-op pain relief with the added benefit of an optional antimicrobial silver coating.

    ON-Q® Catheter Expansion Set

    For the times you need an extra Catheter and T-Peel Needle set.  Indicated for precise access into open incisions.

  • Surgical Specialities ON-Q® Tunnelers

    Accompanying disposable T-Peel Introducer Sheath guides catheter to location.

    Available in standard tunneler and fluid tunneler options.