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Product Information

D2P™ is a modular software package designed to consolidate all preparation steps into one workstation.  It is easy to use with quick 3D visualisation and model preparation for print.


  • One creation suite to support all model preparation steps
  • Ideal for pre-operative surgical planning and patient consent
  • Create 3D model in minutes using automatic segmentation tools
  • Supports various imaging modalities (CT, MR, CBCT)
  • Results are overlaid on patient scan to ensure precision
  • Intuitive editing tools including auto model coloration
  • Instant transfer of 3D files to various applications such as 3D printers and Virtual Reality
  • Enhanced 3D visualisation and complete freedom of model control in Virtual Reality
  • Supports various 3D file formats and 3D printers
  • Easy control of data management

Access the link below for more information on D2P Virtual Reality:

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