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AEM® Monitor

Product Information

For Safe Monopolar Laparoscopy

The AEM® Monitor

continuously monitors the laparoscopic instrument during surgery to eliminate stray energy burns caused by insulation failure and capacitive coupling. Should a potentially dangerous level of stray electrosurgical energy occur, the AEM® Monitor interrupts the power by shutting down the generator.

The 5mm AEM® Laparascopic Instruments incorporate a layered design unique in the industry. AEM® instruments are shielded and monitored to eliminate stray energy burns along the shaft of the instrument caused by insulation failure or capacitive coupling; a well-documented patient safety risk. The protective shield built into all AEM® Instruments provides a neutral return path for capacitively coupling energy and protection from insulation failure. The integrity of the instrument is continuously monitored during surgery.

Encision has a full line of AEM® Surgical Instruments that are equivalent in function, ergonomics, size, shape, length and tip-styles as conventional instruments… but with advanced safety from the shielded and monitored AEM® design.

  • AEM Electrodes and Scissors are available as either disposable or reusable.
  • Electrodes must be used in conjunction with an AEM Monitor.
  • Electrodes can be used with a reusable or a disposable AEM Cord.
  • Electrodes are shipped sterile and can be interchanged in the sterile field.
  • Distal tip configurations are available in 35cm or 45cm lengths.
  • Proximal cord connection rotates to accommodate easier target application.
  • No handle assembly required; electrode connects directly to AEM Cord.
  • AEM® Burn Protection System Cables are available as only a disposable.
  • Electrodes are available 10 per box.
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