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Arthrosurface WristMotion®

Product Information

The WristMotionTM Hemiarthroplasty System

The first choice when you need a second chance
Restores mobility and maintains native biomechanics using a dual curvature HemiCAPITATE® implant that locks into a taper post for strong fixation. The implant is designed to articulate with the natural radius bone and references the curve of the lunate fossa. The system also consists of a set of precision instruments for mapping and site preparation.

  • Preserves Motion by Referencing the Native Anatomy of the Lunate Fossa
  • Proven Rock-Solid Fixation
  • 6 Implant Sizes & Curvatures with Ultra Smooth Surfaces for Improved Volar & Dorsal Flexion

The Arthrosurface WristMotion® Wrist Hemiarthroplasty System consists of a contoured capitate

Articular implant designed to articulate with the native radius bone, a taper post and set of instruments used for implant site preparation and delivery. The capitate articular components are manufactured using implant grade cobalt-chrome alloy and are o ered in six implant options. The taper post is manufactured using implant grade titanium alloy and is o ered in one xed size designed to work with all capitate articular components.

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