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HemiCap® Shoulder

Product Information

HemiCap® Shoulder

Restoring the Freedom of Motion…
As the outcome scores in this study show, restoring the congruity of the humeral head without altering the soft tissue tension, joint volume, joint height, version or inclination angle allows improved mobility and function.

The Shoulder HemiCAP® Systems restore the articular surface geometry of the humeral head and preserve all of the surrounding structures using an innovative 3-dimensional mapping system and a contoured articular resurfacing implant. The HemiCAP® Shoulder and HemiCAP® OVO systems are approved for use in the US and most European markets for the treatment of articular cartilage defects in the shoulder as well as the gleniod.

HemiCAP® Shoulder & OVO Features

  • Proven peer reviewed published data
  • 43 anatomically matched humeral implant convexities & 4 inlay glenoid options
  • The ovoid shape of the HemiCAP OVO® matches humeral head geometry
  • Bone and tissue sparing preserves future primary arthroplasty – “No Bridges Burned”
  • Focal & total resurfacing to treat a variety of humeral surface pathology

Inlay Glenoid Features

  • An off the shelf, sterile disposable surgical kit
  • Partial or Full inlay glenoid virtually eliminates overstuffing
  • Glenoid bone preservation permits future onlay options
  • Inlay design is stable and anatomic to avoid loosening
  • Off-axis preparation of the glenoid socket avoids head removal
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