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Cook® Flexor® Check Flo® Introducers – Balkin Up & Over® Contralateral Design

Product Information

Used for contralateral access to the iliac artery for interventional procedures after initial wire guide positioning has been established. NOTE: Use of a heavy-duty wire guide is recommended.

  • Uniquely fabricated sheath design provides maximum flexibility without kinking or compression
  • Sheath and dilator configuration facilitates positioning over bifurcation to opposite iliac artery
  • Radiopaque band incorporated within sheath material identifies precise location of sheath’s distal tip for positioning accuracy.
  • The Check-Flo valve prevents blood reflux and air aspiration during catheter manipulations. Optic-Loc® dilator hub secures dilator to introducer valve assembly to prevent dilator movement during insertion

Supplied sterile in peel-open packages. Intended for one-time use only.

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