Cook® Goldstein SonoBiopsy™ Catheter

Cook® Goldstein SonoBiopsy™ Catheter

Used to access the uterine cavity for sonohysterography and to obtain an endometrial biopsy if indicated, using the same device.
  • The adjustable acorn positioner maintains catheter placement while reducing leakage of instilled saline at the external cervical os
  • Ink marks in 1cm gradations up to 10cm indicate proper catheter positioning
  • Larger diameter allows for easy passage into the uterus and tissue collection
  • The catheter’s round, closed tip eases cervical passage
  • The large oval sideport facilitates instillation of saline solution and aspiration of endometrial tissue.
Intended for one-time use.
  • Cook® Word Catheter – Silicone Bartholin Gland Balloon

    Treat Bartholin gland cysts and abscesses with a simple solution
    The Word Catheter Silicone Bartholin Gland Balloon is used to treat abscesses and cysts of the Bartholin gland in an office-based procedure.  Inserted into the area of the duct orifice and then inflated with saline, the balloon can remain in place until healing of the surgically created tract occurs and may help reduce the reoccurrence of cysts.
  • Cook® Cervical Ripening Balloon

    Used for mechanical dilation of the cervical canal prior to labour induction at term when the cervix is unfavourable for induction.  Please refer to Instructions for Use for complete information on product usage, proper indications and contraindications.

    • 100% silicone construction
    • Contains no latex
    • Intended for one-time use

    Instructions for Use