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Cook® Tornado® Embolisation Microcoils – Platinum

Product Information

Used for embolisation of selective vessel supply to arterio-venous malformations.

  • Longer coil length and tornado-like configuration in deployed state maximises coil exposure to cross-section of lumen for disruption of blood flow
  • The Tornado Embolisation Microcoil is also ideally suited for tapering vessel situations
  • Special platinum coil (18S) construction is soft, easily detected radiographically and features spaced synthetic fibres to maximise thrombogenicity Microcoil design permits delivery into the target vessel by saline flush or by push yechnique using an appropriately sized wired guide or pusher

Microcoils are available with small end exiting first (standard) or large and exiting first (LEF suffix – special order). Supplied sterile in peel-open packages. Intended for one-time use.

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