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Cook® White LuMax® Guiding Catheter

Product Information

Make delicate manoeuvres with the support, response and selective capability of a coaxial system

Durability – Nylon wrapped stainless steel braid provides durability for complex procedures.

Enhanced movement – Guiding catheter’s large internal diameter, coupled with low-friction luminal surface, facilitates device movement and manipulation.

Minimal trauma – Soft, flexible tip developed to navigate tortuous anatomy and minimise target vessel trauma.

White LuMax guiding catheter at a glance:

  • 7 Fr multipurpose guiding catheter and corresponding 5 Fr inner coaxial catheter
  • Short distal angle on both guiding catheter and inner coaxial catheter
  • AQ hydrophilic coating on distal 50cm of inner coaxial catheter
  • Radiopaque, nylon-wrapped stainless steel braid
  • Radiopaque guiding catheter tip
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