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HubGuard® Catheter Securement Devices

Product Information

This HubGuard® Catheter Securement Device enhances catheter stability, contributing to reduced rates of catheter migration, dislodgement and unscheduled IV restarts.

  • Adhesive-backed foam anchors to infusion site with no need for tape under dressing; adhesive is gentle on skin, nonirritating, non-sensitizing and non-cytotoxic.
  • Suitable for long wear times, up to 7 days for central lines and 96 hours, or until clinically indicated, for peripheral lines.
  • Cushion protects skin and provides comfort from rigid catheter hubs.
  • For maximum securement and cushioning choose 2.95cm thick, white, PE foam, and for maximum breathability, choose 3.35cm thick, tan, breathable PVC foam.
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