Surgical Headlights

  • BFW™ Surgical Headlights

    Comfort is a given with BFW's High Beam TriLens fiberoptic headlight. Incomparably, it provides a clear and remarkably brilliant 11.5 cm spot at a 40 cm working distance – the largest in its class.

    To achieve this unequalled performance in a surgical headlight, BFW crafts its optics with three of the finest Mag-Fluoride coated lenses and a German-engineered iris. The optic crown is moulded with DuPont Minlon®, one of the preeminent heat resistant materials known today. Minlon® is lightweight and ensures safety and durability when using xenon light.

    The 4.75 mm fiberoptic cable holds 9,000 glass strands sheathed in our new ultra light BFW™ BLUE Opaque sheath, affording a lower profile than cables with half the light delivering capability.

    Choose BFW's form-fitted, sturdy and dual-adjustable Classic headband or the soft Breath-O-Prene® Sport headband. Both offer unmatched comfort, performance, safety and durability.