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AEM EndoShield®

Product Information

Next-generation AEM® Burn Protection Technology

Eliminates stray energy burns during laparoscopy…guaranteed!

  • Intuitive plug-and-play design works seamlessly with popular ESUs
  • Available as either a single-use disposable or a multiuse reposable with disposable cord, providing optimal cost savings and convenience
  • Works with Encision’s entire suite of foot-controlled AEM® monopolar instruments, with over 100 style choices
  • Reduce complications and readmissions from stray energy burns
  • 100% indemnity guarantee from stray energy burns
  • AEM Burn Protection Technology is a recommended practice of SAGES, AAGL and AORN

Laparoscopic surgical burns kill 1-2 people every day and cause a serious complication every 90 minutes.*

69% of unintended burns go unrecognized at the time of surgery, leading to severe complications and readmissions.*
It’s not the technique, it’s the technology!
Traditional monopolar laparoscopic instruments cannot prevent stray energy from causing patient burns (due to insulation failure and capacitive coupling).*

The AEM® Burn Protection System reduces patient complications and readmissions

  • Eliminates stray energy burns (from insulation failure and capacitive coupling), improving patient outcomes
  • Saves money from CMS HAC penalties, patient readmissions, and lawsuits
  • Optimises surgical results using high-performance, AEM laparoscopic instruments

The AEM Burn Protection System protects physicians and hospitals with a 100% Indemnity Guarantee.

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