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Cook® Formula™ 418 Biliary Balloon Expandable Stent

Product Information

Low profile, high performance

The Formula 418 biliary balloon expandable stent system has one of the lowest crossing profiles of any balloon expandable stent worldwide. It delivers superior performance by combining its ulta-low profile and accurate placement with no stent shortening and minimal balloon overhang.

Unique Stent Cell Design and Delivery System

  • Stent design has in-line tie bars connected to adjacent cells to prevent shortening and resist fish scaling
  • U-shaped struts provide stent flexibility and support and resist fish scaling
  • Non-shortening stent design and customised balloon lengths minimise balloon overhang
  • Optimised shaft lumen for superior balloon inflation and deflation times

Superior Low Crossing File

  • Crossing profile lower than that of all stainless steel and most cobalt chromium balloon-expandable biliary stent systems.*
  • Tapered tip for enhanced crossability

Excellent Stent Conformability

  • More crowns in stent design may provide better wall apposition
  • Unique cell design increases flexibility and provides conformability

Accurate Placement

  • Non-shortening stent cell design for on-target placement
  • Stent ends placed on balloon markers provide a reliable visible reference for accurate stent placement under challenging conditions
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