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Cook® Staged Extubation Set

Product Information

Introduce staged extubation into your airway management strategy

Even with well-designed protocols, postextubation airway failure remains a significant risk in all patient populations.  In addition to the obvious safety issues, it also requires additional time, documentation and resources.

What is staged extubation?

Staged extubation uses a Staged Extubation Wire to maintain continuous airway access and a Staged Reintubation Catheter to facilitate a successful reintubation if required.
Benefits of staged intubation:

  • A study with an airway catheter showed a fivefold higher success rate of first-attempt reintubation¹
  • Avoidance of complications associated with failed or difficult reintubation²
  • Ability to trial extubation earlier while maintaining secure airway access¹

Product Features

Enhanced Patient Comfort
Soft, tapered and kink-resistant wire is coated in a polymeric jacket to assure minimal irritation while in position.

Maintained Access
Staged Reintubation Catheter allows quick access and oxygen delivery to help stabilise the patient.

Total Airway Control
With the Staged Extubation Set, in addition to Cook’s comprehensive airway management product offering, you can control the airway from intubation, exchange, extubation and reintubation.

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  2. Mort T. Emergency tracheal intubation: complications associated with repeated laryngoscopic attempts. Anesth Analg. 2004;99(2):607-613
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