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Cook® Zilver® Flex™ 35 Vascular Stent

Product Information

Next generation linear cell stent design decreases the axial fatigue resistance to double that of leading industry competitors.*

Stable Deployment

Zilver Flex’s linear cell stent design provides stable deployment by minimising elongation and twisting that can lead to stent fractures.

Fracture Resistant Surface

Zilver Flex is painstakingly electropolished to Cook’s industry leading standards, eliminating the imperfections that can lead to stent fracture.

SFA Balanced Design

Zilver Flex is prospectively designed for the dynamic anatomy of the SFA with an ideal balance of flexibility and strength that ensure maximum durability. Superior axial flexibility for the compression that occurs during hip flexion and knee bending. Superior torsional flexibility for the twisting forces present in the SFA. Zilver Flex’s tight bending radius greatly reduces the likelihood of problematic stent kinking in the SFA.

Available in 80cm and 125cm delivery systems.

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