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Cook® Zilver® PTX® Drug Eluting Peripheral Stent

Product Information

Now available in 6Fr, this combination therapy has been proven in complementary randomised and single-arm clinical trials. The randomised trial proves Zilver PTX achieves a 50% reduction in restenosis at two years compared with Zilver bare metal stenting*.

The mechanical therapy provided by Zilver PTX counteracts acute recoil to maintain patency.

  • Linear-cell stent design delivers stable on-target deployment
  • Meticulous electropolishing provides superior fracture resistance
  • Strength and flexibility are balanced for exceptional stent durability in the dynamic anatomy of the SFA.

Zilver PTX’s drug therapy prevents cell proliferation for the life of the cell while eliminating the risk associated with polymers.

  • PTX is hydrophobic, so wash-off is minimal
  • Because PTX is also lipophilic it attaches to the lipids in the vessel walls
  • Angioplasty can cause vessel trauma that leads to cell division and restenosis. PTX is antiproliferative, blocking this cell division to maintain patency.
  • Zilver PTX performs very well in those patients with challenging instent restenosis and also diabetics.
  • * Zilver PTX had a primary patency of 74.8% when compared with PTA.

To access information to the clinical data that was recently released showing that the Zilver PTX Stents maintained their safety and efficacy af four years, please link here

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