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Cook® Zilver® Vena™ Venous Self Expanding Stent

Product Information

Venous Indication

Flexible, self-expanding nitinol stent intended to treat symptomatic venous outflow obstruction in the iliofemoral veins.

Precise Positioning

  • No clinically significant stent foreshortening
  • Available in 14 and 16mm diameters and 60,100 and 140mm lengths

Strong Radial

Force Provides uniform radial force from end to end.

Other Features:

  • Flexibility and kink resistance of proven Zilver technology
  • Compatible with 7 Fr sheaths/9 Fr guiding catheters
  • Deployed via 80 and 120cm delivery systems
  • Four gold markers on each end
  • Preloaded in a Flexor Introducer
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